Farm Planning

Keeping the family farm-in the family

In rural Indiana, it is common for most farmers to have the majority of their wealth maintained in the ownership of farmland. In addition, many families also own farms with their children or farm property with their children and wish to keep this family property “in the family” for many future generations. Unfortunately, without proper planning, the family farm is an asset that could be placed in jeopardy if nursing home care is required or if the farm is required to be sold to pay the costs of probate or taxes.

Proper pre-planning can generally alleviate or completely prevent the scenario where the family farm must be sold. The attorneys at Moore Law, LLC work with our clients to ensure that all the family members are treated correctly and fairly while also taking steps to keep the family farm from being sold to pay nursing home costs, probate fees, or taxes. The options available can also protect the income of the farm for the current owners and allow them to use and enjoy the farm during the remainder of their life.

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