Who needs the help of an elder law attorney?

I think almost anyone can be a good referral for my office. Even though we call ourselves elder law attorneys, everyone over the age of 18 should have an estate plan in place. I think people who are younger just do not want to take the time to think about these issues, so we generally end up working with people who are a little older.

One of the common claims I hear from financial planners in my area is that their clients have either too little or too much money to seek my assistance. This is just not true either. I can present almost everyone I meet with options that will either help them avoid the costs or probate or potentially provide options for potentially long-term care costs. However, if they rely on someone who does not understand the rules in these areas, they risk costing their spouse or their heirs a significant amount of money due to costs and expenses that could have been avoided.

I understand that most people do not want to talk about these issues or do not like talking to attorneys. However, to most people, outside of their religion and family, their financial wealth is the most important thing to them. To trust something this important to a do-it-yourself kit on the internet or someone who is not trained in this area has never made much sense to me. We all work hard to accumulate our wealth and assets. To trust someone who does not know what they are doing with these items seems like a bad idea to me.